Robust ICT-solution provider

Our business is based on listening and understanding Our customers. We know what we are doing. Our lean organization provide Our customers an efficient and flexible way of working. Our own expertise is expanded by an extensive network of partners whenever needed.

  • Expertise and Experience

    Our staff has a total of 50 years of experience in information technology environments, as well as the design, implementation, maintenance, development of various production systems and information systems and software development project management.

    We create concepts, specify, implement and maintain the best solution for Our customers needs, either in customer's own environment or as a cloud based SaaS- service. Our solutions and services are designed to meet Our customers needs, scale and criticality.

  • Our Key Competence Areas

    • Data Collection and Analysis
    • Production Information Processing and Analysis
    • Management and Leadeship
    • Content Management and Distribution
    • Business Driven Data Analytics
    • System integration and services

Data Collection and Analysis

Companies collect large amounts of data into their CRM, ERP and administrative systems. In the manufacturing industry, production machinery can also produce and in some cases also store information about its operations.

However, in many cases, it may be difficult to get a big picture of the data that is stored in multiple systems. We can help here.

We provide solutions that collect data from various systems, normalize it to a manageable format, and compile it into interactive, easy-to-understand and business-friendly views and reports.


ICT-administration and support services

Tailor made and highly scalable ICT-management solution to meet Your changing needs. Specially for companies without own ICT-department or support services.

Service is pre-packaged to predetermined amount of business days in fixed price per month. Days can include various IT-mananagement, -administration and -support tasks depending on customer needs

  • XS

    0,5 d/mon

  • S

    1 d/mon

  • M

    2 d/mon

  • L

    3 d/mon

  • XL

    4 d/mon

  • XXL

    Made to Suit

  • The service may include, among others

    • Infrastructure and System Architecture Planning
    • Budgeting and Cost Tracking
    • Purchases and possible tenders
    • Managing of subcontractors and overseeing customer interests
    • Administration and Support tasks
    • Project Management
  • Benefits of Service

    • Correctly sized solutions that meet Your business needs at reasonable cost
    • Goal Oriented Development and Continuous Improvement of Solutions
    • Adequate security and privacy
    • ICT costs recognized and budgeted
    • Let customer’s own personnel concentrate on core operations of the company

Hardware and software shipments are not included. If needed We can provide those by our partners.

  • Heikki Nurmi

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    Tel. +358 40 213 5380

  • Jarkko Juntunen

    Partner / Founder / Bit Kompis

    Tel. +358 44 093 1280

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